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One of our specialties is hosting gluten free guided tours to amazing destinations around the world. As we have celiac disease ourselves, we understand how tough travelling with food restrictions can be. We want to help you experience these magnificent destinations without the stress of planning your meals.

We work with high quality, dependable tour operators and plan the journey from start to finish, at all times keeping in mind the needs of those who travel while needing to eat gluten free. Gluten free dining is included on our tours as well as many gluten free restaurant recommendations for your free exploration times. On each tour we have a Travel Concierge who travels with the group, speaks the language and ensures every detail is taken care as well as a trusted Gluten Free Tour Host who is there to advocate for your gluten free needs. This means you get to travel like the VIP you are!

Come for the experience and leave with extraordinary memories, new friends and a satisfied appetite! We would love to welcome you on one of our gluten free guided tours in 2020 to Scotland, Italy or Galapagos.

A dedicated, gluten free host on every tour to take care of the detailsLocal restaurant recommendations provided for gluten free dining during your free timeA small group size guided tour, by train or boat, with limited spaces

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Gluten Free Scotland - August 9 to 16, 2020

Gluten Free Scotland - August 9-16, 2020

Gluten Free Italy - October 17 to 24, 2020

Gluten Free Italy - October 17-24, 2020

Gluten Free Galapagos - December 5 to 14, 2020

Gluten Free Galapagos - December 5-14, 2020

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